BladeRunner Market

There is a large market for reliable, low-cost energy in non-grid-connected areas. This includes remote regions, emerging markets and outdoor living/working such as sailing.

Currently, this market is largely served by diesel generators as it is one of the few portable energy technologies that produces stable, high power. From a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective, generating electricity from diesel generation is over 4x more expensive than grid-based power due to low efficiencies and diesel fuel cost. The need for fuel also presents the risk of fire, spills, local pollution and dependency on external fuel supplies.

BladeRunner will support these individuals and communities with a clean and portable source of baseload electricity. As the company and technology grows, we will scale up from our 500 Watt MVP to several product lines ranging from 0.5kW – 25kW. This approach furthers our mission by allowing us to support larger scale applications and empower more individuals.

BladeRunner seeks to provide the most affordable, clean electricity to populations underserved by current alternatives.