BladeRunner Technology

BladeRunner is a scalable micro-hydro solution that incorporates a proprietary rotor and flexible power takeoff configuration that allows for the generator and power electronics to be housed above the water, dramatically reducing costs while improving reliability. The small system size allows for installation and storage by one person, resulting in an “energy when you need it” system. BladeRunner comprises only 6 main components. This simplicity strongly supports our goal for establishing a price point of $2000/kW:

  1. The PAX Rotor
  2. Flexible Tether (Steel Cable)
  3. Generator
  4. Power Electronics
  5. Floating Platform
  6. Battery

IMG_5467The key innovative component of BladeRunner is the PAX Rotor, an IP-protected design based on biomimicry, which is defined as the engineering practice that adapts nature’s design strategies to solve human technical problems. This rotor is designed for riverine and marine hydrokinetic (MHK) energy generation, and the resultant shape leads to a considerable advancement in the primary energy capture stage and overall device geometry when compared to other horizontal axis MHK turbines.

BladeRunner’s small, flexible configuration is a unique and innovative approach that builds on the larger trends of Distributed Energy Resources brought about by the energy transition. The team and a growing group of industry experts view the technology as one of the most viable forms of distributed hydrokinetic energy, providing a baseload energy source that can complement intermittent forms of energy generation (e.g. wind & solar).