BladeRunner is Hiring


BladeRunner is excited to announce it is hiring a Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer!

As we advance our technology and establish our growth path, we are looking to expand our engineering team. By joining BladeRunner Energy as a Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer, you will be an influential participant in the engineering development of our hydrokinetic system. In our team, you will exercise your ability to:

1) Solve engineering challenges that make use of mechanical and electrical systems
2) Collaborate in the design and decision making process
3) Develop, build, and implement control systems at prototype scale
4) Perform analyses of instrumentation data
5) Interpret and write programming code
6) Make use of hand tools to build test rigs
7) Delve into additive manufacturing and other composite processes for prototyping
8) Help construct the pragmatic pathway to take early phases of product development all the way through to highly functional prototypes and onward to a final product

In return, BladeRunner Energy will offer you a flexible work environment where everyone can expect to receive the upmost respect for who they are, where the opportunity for growth within the company is fostered, where you will feel the gratification of tackling engineering challenges head-on, and where we hope you find a true sense of satisfaction in playing a role in moving a technology from prototype to pilot to market.

Please view/download the full job posting below and send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “BladeRunner – Engineer Position” if you are interested. Thank you!